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Rodi Style
Tidy Trax / Traktor Pro / Kung Fu / Slinky.FM


Easily one of the most technical hard dance DJ’s in the world and a member of the world famous Tidy Trax roster, Rodi Style has firmly established himself as an artist like no other. He is an award winning DJ (Best Newcomer - Hard Dance Awards 2008), a producer whose music is supported by all the heavyweights including multiple plays on BBC Radio1, a label owner managing high quality hard dance and a radio show host on one of the largest online radio stations in the world (slinky.fm).

Rodi Style is one of the few forward thinking DJs in the Hard Dance scene that are at the forefront of performance enhancing technical showmanship. Layering and blending over 3 CDJs, audio manipulation through the use of onboard and outboard fx units as well as turntabalist style scratching isn’t something that’s unheard of in a Rodi Style set and neither is the odd chance of him standing on the tables and scratching with his feet. These unique qualities have propelled Rodi into the elite having made appearances at Global Gathering, Creamfields, Coloursfest, Lovefest as well as the legendary Tidy Weekenders. It’s no wonder Mixmag, Cream and M8 Magazine have labeled him as an artist to look out for! Rodi Style also joined the Hard Dance elite in 2008, having been selected to mix the award winning “Music For A Harder Generation” album series for Tidy alongside Andy Whitby.

Besides being an award winning DJ, Rodi Style is also a prolific producer & engineer within the hard dance scene. His music has appeared in M8 Magazine, DJMAG and Mixmag including a “record of the month” award in Mixmag. Rodi Style’s music can be heard on the playlists of nearly every Hard Dance DJ in the world including; Lisa Lashes, Tidy Boys, Anne Savage, Andy Farley, Paul Glazby, Kutski, Amber D, Proteus and more. His music has also been aired on many occasions on BBC Radio1, RTE Pulse and Kiss FM.

Committed to bringing high quality hard dance music to the world, Rodi Style also runs his own label “Kung Fu Wax”. Having garnished massive support including 3 compilation licensing’s, the release schedule continues to punch its way through with an exciting number of productions from heavyweights Defective Audio, Ben Stevens, Equinox, Technikal and more.

New for the last quarter of 2009 is the brand new setup in conjunction with Native Instrument’s Traktor Pro. Incorporating 4 virtual decks alongside 2 CDJs, 3 midi controllers, a DJM800 and an EFX1000, this allows Rodi Style to warp and edit live music on the fly creating unique performances you won’t find elsewhere!


Email – Jade@chictalent.com
Telephone office – 08700110034
Direct Skype line – 0208 1231111
Mobile - +34 649980221




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